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Pesticide spraying to kill zika virus essays

pesticide spraying to kill zika virus essays

include taking steps to control mosquito populations before people start getting sick with a virus spread by mosquitoes. Mosquito Control: What you need to know about truck-mounted spraying. However, at high doses, for example if the person doing the spraying is exposed to Naled directly in amounts that are well above those for normal labeled uses, Naled and other organophosphates can overstimulate the nervous system, causing nausea, dizziness, or confusion. It tends to breed in small pools of water, which are ubiquitous in any urban environment, and tends to be hard to reach. How are we to make decisions about safety, when the usual means for testing essays university california safety is to control all variables except the one being tested? Lyle Petersen of the.D.C., who is managing the agencys Zika response, said in an interview. Community education efforts related to preventing mosquito bites by wearing EPA-registered insect repellents and protective clothing (long-sleeved shirts and long pants). They may also treat standing water on private property as part of a neighborhood cleanup campaign. Another way to look at it is that in the case of an infectious disease, our society knows what to do (or thinks it knows what to do). There are several strains of, bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) that kill other insect larva like caterpillars and beetles. Naled starts to degrade (break down) immediately on surfaces, in water, and in sunlight.

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It tends to breed in cryptic environments that are hard to find. It can get where no truck can get, where no backpack sprayer can get. For one thing, the rush to blame a pesticide isnt that different from the rush to blame a virus. The public and professionals can use US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered larvicides according to label instructions. Aerial spraying is used as part of an integrated mosquito control program to quickly reduce the number of mosquitoes responsible for infecting people with viruses like Zika, dengue, or chikungunya. People can treat fountains, septic tanks, and pool covers that hold water with larvicides. For example, if an insecticide did not work as well as predicted, professionals may conduct additional studies on insecticide resistance or evaluate the equipment used to apply insecticides. Both larvae and pupae live in standing water. Will chemicals from aerial spraying contaminate soil? Professionals from local government departments or mosquito control districts develop mosquito control plans, perform tasks to control larvae and adult mosquitoes, and evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken.