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Why should we respect our parents essay

why should we respect our parents essay

to, say, Hinduism or Islam. It is not necessary to respect a person because he or she has a handicap. When you made mistakes, they forgave you and tried to teach you how to not repeat those mistakes. These people believe that spanking is 100 not effective and shouldnt. The bible also implies that being disobedient to parents is a bad thing: (Mark 13:12) Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put. I would hope that you feel the same about. NDo what you haven't done yet if she asks you to take out the trash don't give her a hard time just. Through their immense knowledge and wisdom, the teachers nourish the lives of their students to ensure they turn out responsible in life, thus denoting the need to grant them respect in the community.

why should we respect our parents essay

Parents who abuse their children, lie, cheat, steal or are not honorable do not deserve respect. Footnotes, by Dovid Zaklikowski, dovid Zaklikowski is a freelance journalist living in Brooklyn. They usually have a better or deeper understanding of the world you live in and the situations you go through. Some animals such as dogs are very useful in the field of medicine. Because they are your parents and they brought you into this world. In as much as there are times when our teachers are bound to make a fool out of us by embarrassing and humiliating us in a classroom, considered as the cruelest punishment, we should never retaliate badly.