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Essay on violence in indian society

essay on violence in indian society

by the NDA government in 2002 in the Lok Sabha and The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act came into being on 13th September, 2005. Domestic Violence includes the abuse of the following types. "Domestic violence scene in India.". Beginning of Speech, hello, honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends, in our country, Gender-based violence has become a prominent issue. In this, the abuser makes the victim loose control over all the finances he/she may have.

Sexual Violence in India and How It Is Rising Essay Bartleby

essay on violence in indian society

Union of India WP (Crl. 4 Violence seen in childhood plays with the mind of the child and can lead to behavior problems afterwards. After that step after step, the womens movements gained force. Cultural based abuses, marriages in which the people are married forcibly owing to any promises between the parents of the victim or any social compulsion. This is followed by categorizing the acts of domestic violence into Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Financial and Culture-based abuses. If the violence against women vanishes then women will be empowered and it will lead our country to be safe and developed. If a person is of female gender then it is very common that the person experiences violence against her in any form; it may be personal or social.

I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary. This accompanied by customs like sati, purdah and jauhar led to women being oppressed a lot and having nowhere to go and complain. Women like Sita were given respect like no other literature of any country has given to women. Violence is the behavior which involves physical force with the intention to hurt, damage or kill someone. Introduction, violence, what does this mean?

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