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Lemon law essay

lemon law essay

morals). Most state versions of the Uniform Commercial Code give consumers four years to file breach-of-warranty claims, but some state lemon laws set out far shorter time frames. 185 (March 30, 2005). The arbitrator can also determine that the manufacturer has no liability.

Florida Attorney General - How The Florida Lemon Law Works

lemon law essay

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Further, in the absence of a clear legislative intent to the contrary, the Court held that all regulatory offences where to find historiographical essays would be presumed to bear strict liability. Akerlof gives several examples in the article, one being guarantees. In Lim Chin Aik. Lemon laws offer remedies that exceed the scope of a vehicle manufacturer's warranty. As seen above strict liability are offences of a legislative nature for the most part and the courts have interpreted legislation in order to assess whether an offence is of strict liability, however as noted from the points raised above, strict liability offences should only. Camvap covers new and used, owned and leased vehicles that are from the current model year and up to an additional four model years. In one of his recent, highly publicized cases, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in May in Peterson.