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Race in literature thesis

race in literature thesis

Harper Lee, because the novel also has a huge contrast, that being the beautiful small town with terrible racism occurring, wiping the beauty away. The novel follows multiple generations of the Chinese-Cuban family. Satire and symbolism are also significant. The word choice in To Kill a Mockingbird is also effective because it is from a childs point of view, so the words are different from what one would usually choose, leaving the reader to see things from a different perspective. A part of Seals research also focuses on the strong bond portrayed between multiracial siblings. The negotiation of racial identify is never just the childs burden, Seals said. Its useful to look at how people filter their reality and current events on an artistic level. She found that mixed-race individuals represented in the literature almost always look to their family and relatives when trying to figure out who they are.

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Now 16, she is interested in exploring her mixed-race identity, which leads her to fall in with a multiracial cult, of sorts, attempting to build their own utopia. Thats why Seals research focuses on works published post-1990, coinciding with a surge in literary works from mixed-race authors. This idea that its up to me to determine who I am isnt really completely accurate, Seals said. Its a question many of us ask at some point in our lives. Seals grew up Mormon in a small town in Utah with her mothers family. Chen Pan, the patriarch, is tricked into becoming a slave in Cuba, working alongside enslaved Africans, though he eventually escapes to become a successful businessman in Havana. As her own scholarship argues, however, the arts, however, present an important platform through which the intricacies of race dissertation on financial risk management and mixed race can be explored. The words multiracial and mixed race werent really in use to describe a separate identity before the 1990s. My research ended up being me research in a way, Seals said. Examining social issues through literature, early work in race scholarship primarily derived from the perspectives of history, psychology and sociology. In Strange Fruit, by Abel Meeropol, the strange fruit is really an African American who has been lynched, and left hanging in a tree. Patterns in mixed-race stories, a common theme Seals found within the narratives is a sense of being stuck in between two worlds and the main characters central question of Who am I?