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Essay on harappan civilization

essay on harappan civilization

and people might have migrated to some other place. They look like bullock-carts of the modern age. Strong Essays 1084 words (3.1 pages) - The Indus Valley civilization flourished around the year 2500B.C., in the western part of southern Asia, in what is now Pakistan and western India. But some people owned beautiful objects of personal adornment, such as necklaces and beads, while others apparently lacked such valuable possessions. Both men and women liked to use ornaments. These articles are made of stone, shell, ivory, metal etc. The inscription of the seals indicate that the people were literate.

It is a complex religion with a vague beginning, but that hasnt stopped its enlargement. However, all these views are mere conjectures and nothing can be said for certain about the causes of the decline of Indus Valley civilisation. The common agricultural products of the time were wheat, barley, vegetables, cotton etc. Although the people of Indus Valley could not produce works of art on a large scale, they displayed notable artistic achievement at-least in seal engravings, especially those of animals.

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However, he fails to give convincing and substantial proof in support of this short essay on family planning view. Also read: Harappan Culture (Culture of Harappan Civilization). The Indus Valley is important to understanding the beginnings of agriculture and early civilization. Mackary has suggested that some sort of oil or incense was burnt before this goddess to please her. The drains of the houses were connected with the road drainage. Marshall holds that this civilisation was quite different from the earlier Vedic civilisation and that it was quite different from that of the Aryans. Sir John Marshall and his colleagues discovered this civilization. The people of Indus Valley were great lovers of fashion. tags: Botany. Certain skeletons have been unearthed which provide testimony to this view. The Mature Harappan civilization is divided into two cultures, the Sorath Harappan and the Sindhi Harappan. In 1921.D., Dayaram Sahani excavated remains of Harappa civilization in Montgomery of Punjab and in 1922.D.

essay on harappan civilization

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