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Indian education by sherman alexie thesis

indian education by sherman alexie thesis

resiliency of their community. He felt much hatred towards his teacher after all of the times she has hurt him and this expresses the anger these instances caused him to have. He conveys this by using negative diction, for example; Alexie opens this story describing characters first grade year by saying, My hair was short and the.S. He recollects upon anguishing memories, such as when he when is the extended essay due stanton is being chased by bullies and they pushed him down, buried him in the snow until he couldnt breathe, (Alexie, 1). An example of when he let out his anger was when he drew a picture of his teacher as a witch riding a broom. Alexies use of imagery in Indian Education does a great job of capturing the outsider theme.

indian education by sherman alexie thesis

He describes the turbulence of a hurricane as a metaphor to the violence that stems from alcoholism and pain of their outsider status. Because of this, the story is fast-paced and its plot is distilled to contain only the most potent moments from Victors youth, which together comprise his "education". Analysis, alexie once again uses an episodic storytelling structure in Indian Education. Regardless of his status as an outsider, the character continues to go after his goals and prevails. Alcoholism is a very serious problem in the Native American community, and Alexie depicts a reservation where many lives have been destroyed by drinking. Although many of the stories in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven are riddled with stories of hardships such as alcoholism, poverty, and isolation from society outside of their reservation; Alexie also emphasizes the inner strength and resilience that helps many Native Americans cope.

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