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Essay about juvenile justice system

essay about juvenile justice system

For Children. While criminal justice system aimed at punishing the criminal offender, 1the juvenile justice system primarily aimed at the rehabilitation and reintegration of the juvenile offender into society. It is also believed that we as a society, does not provide the adequate support to those youth that are using controlled substances; which could in turn result in a more positive outcome, versus a decline in their behavior from initial arrest (Alcholism. What are some of the key principles of the juvenile justice system that distinguish it from the criminal justice system? Juveniles have a strong tendency to act on impulse, and have less knowledge of the consequences their actions might have.

There are however been several measures adapted and implemented by both schools and the government to attend to this problem in cooperation with the parents. Studies have been made and proven that may lead to the reason why teenagers commit crimes. At times, the most viable option is not the best, but in this situation, it is believed that if you truly want to help youth and keep them on the path of becoming responsible citizens, it is very much necessary to rehabilitate them and coach. When children arent accepted by their peers, they tend to lash out and try things to make their peers accept them, or hide in a corner and not seek any help because they want to be left alone (Siegel Welsh, 2009). They are often resort to vandalism, uncooperative, no sense of loyalty and are poor team players (Case, Travis). First the offender will digital privacy essays be able to learn the sense of accountability since he has to serve in prison as his punishment for his delinquent actions. In order to ensure that these principles are protected, the UNs Human Rights Commission requires that the justice system for youths be established with especially trained staff. The list also includes traits that experts referred to as indicators or predictors of delinquency. Peer pressure is one thing that youth lack the capacity to withstand and this might have been the answer to the research findings that majority of the youth offenders do not repeat their offenses after they have reached maturity. The topic on whether teenagers should be sentenced to life without parole has been a controversial subject for quite some time now. Many juveniles fall into the system, and because there is limited help for them within their state/system, they become long time offenders and turn their adult careers into offending and spend the majority of their lives in adult prison institutions (Alcoholism.