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Alex hogrefe thesis

alex hogrefe thesis

the jagged form of the many bays and inlets that make up the west essay about cameron highland coast of Iceland. However, it was the now. "I came from a painting and drawing background so I was much more interested in atmosphere, quality of light, texture, place. The transition was smooth, since visualization was something I did a lot in my free time with my website. Currently, I am also developing series of illustrations for a design that I created of a research lab in Alaska. In respect to my website, my biggest goal is to always maintain a sense of experimentation and exploration. One of the things that I have been discussing on my website is the use of visualization as a design tool and not just something that happens at the end of the project. For more on me and my background, check out my "About Me" page.

Visualizing Architecture by, alex, hogrefe

alex hogrefe thesis

Alex, hogrefe on Behance

alex hogrefe thesis

I want my website to be a place that people can use as a jumping off point to create illustrations that best fit their project. This post was previously published on on 12/28/16. Factory Fifteen after graduating, instead of getting jobs in practice. I get to be an artist everyday, and through my website, I get to talk to and meet people all around the country and world. I have always been interested in Visualization. For example, a technique on shifting a daytime image to a nighttime image using only Photoshop was revisited in an illustration of the Boston Cultural Center. However, a recent project that garnered a lot of attention was my cliff retreat design, and specifically the aerial perspective rendering of that project. Once I have a decent base file to work with, I will usually spend 50-75 of my time in Photoshop adding textures, people, vegetation, and atmosphere. Instead, I focus on producing engaging content and hope that people find their way to my work through word of mouth or links from other popular websites.

Except for the thesis spreads, each project uses no more than 2 spreads to describe the project requiring a denser use.
Thesis Fog Aerial by Alex Hogrefe.
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