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Essay couples should not live together before marriage

essay couples should not live together before marriage

family structure and mainly because almost all the religions do not accept it as a moral deed. Study Reported by CDC Reveals More People Now Live Together Before Marriage. Cohabitation takes away the charm of marriage and turns it into a compromise if children are involved. Print, reference this, published: Fri, now-a-days it is the trend among the people that they move in before marriage. T be accomplish without living together for a while before getting married. Unfortunately, that is not always the truth. For starters, you learn what your partner likes and dislikes, although this isn't always easy. The more a couple is sexually active before marriage the greater they have a chance to get divorced, because they get over with all the temptation and craze as much as they prolong their living together time period. By living together before marriage, each partner has the opportunity to practice being married.

Today there are many couples living together before marriage. This can not be completed in a few days, therefore, it is important to live together for a while. Would things have been different if she had not listened to her friends and everyo ne else around her?

People get married for the sake of security. This essay is 100 guaranteed. I think the biggest cause of divorce is people getting married too soon.

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There are many reasons other than love that cause marriage. The current generation tends to cohabit outside of marriage at least once in their lifetime. For example, does he like broccoli, show more content, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to have children with your partner, and if you are ready to stay with this person for the rest of your life through thick and thin. Better Essays 1858 words (5.3 pages). Also, learning about a person? Merely fly-by-night, feel and go relationships do not specify. Involve cohabitation before a wedding.