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What do you do to stay healthy essay

what do you do to stay healthy essay

you're scared about calling, it can help to remember: It's free on any phone and won't show up on the phone bill. Wear hats, long-sleeve shirts and sunscreens with SPF15 or higher. Talk to a health-care professional if you feel you have a problem with alcohol. Short walks around the block, to the store, to school and to the movies all count as exercise. Eat a Healthy Diet, despite confusing news reports, the basics of healthy eating are actually quite straightforward.

what do you do to stay healthy essay

what do you do to stay healthy essay

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Exercise should be fun. For all other situations, be sure to always use a condom and follow other safe-sex practices. While it can be hard to find the time, its important to fit in at least 30 minutes of activity every day. Cut back on fast food and store-bought snacks (like cookies which are high in bad fats. This by itself can improve your health. Do not shop while hungry! For colorectal cancer alone, regular screening could save over 30,000 lives each year. Take time to read a book, play with your kids, and spend time with friends or family. Choose whole-grain cereal, brown rice and whole-wheat bread over their more refined counterparts.

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