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Essay writing on birds

essay writing on birds

entertainment to the people. A lot of different types of plants are dependent on birds for pollination. I have always admired birds and the truth is in another world, I would like to be a bird. First of all, if I was a bird, I would fly to all the places I have ever wanted to visit but never had the chance. Everything looks beautiful from above and the breathtaking site of watching the animals migrating is indeed something I would do as a bird. Making mistakes the first time is natural, not everything will come out perfect. Fertility: Bird droppings are a form of manure that nature provides itself. Mans mind is quite complex but everyone is amazed when an animal does something that we deem ours. Bird by bird persuades you to write, to let go of everything and spill your guts out. Ecological Importance of birds: Apart from the direct benefits to humans, birds do so much for the earth and help in keeping the ecological balance proper and heres how they. Essay writing for kids easiest and smart essay. Those mistakes teach you how to live, teach you the motives of life.

They also clean up whats left by the predatory carnivores such as lions by eating what they leave behind. One of the places I would like to visit would be the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Mara in Kenya. Birds often see people crying alone in parks and while they are unaware of the feelings some of us harbor, it would help if one would come and settle on, for example, my shoulder during such moments. A first draft is the one draft you can express yourself in, no one will see it, just let go of everything and capture your thoughts with a pencil on a piece of paper. Seed propagation: Birds that eat fruit or other seeds help carry the seeds of these fruits and plants through their excreta. So when the birds drop their excreta, these transported seeds then can grow spontaneously at various locations and it give the plants a chance to grow in more favorable conditions and this helps such plants survive. She created her own writing style and uses her own kind of voice to discover the truth. I would attempt the weird dances that human beings go crazy about and make sure that I leave every person I visit smiling.