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Can you use and/or in an essay

can you use and/or in an essay

to say about and/or. This use of hopefully to mean it is hoped rather than the adverbial in a hopeful manner has been disputed in the past several years, though it has found its way into general acceptance. Nonetheless, if in the course of your own writing you find one of those rare occasions that a slash is called for, by all means use. Some and/or sentences cannot be justified under any circumstances. Consider whether the audience will be able to view and/or understand the illustration easily. Consider this one, courtesy of a grammar website: You can get to the campus for this mornings meeting on a bike and/or in a car. Double negatives are always ungrammatical When two negatives are used to communicate a negative, then the usage is ungrammatical.

can you use and/or in an essay

read the entire post. This phrasing combines the meaning of and and or, signifying that three experiments were performed, all with the same outcome of unchanged enzymatic activity: experiment 1, varied temperature; experiment 2, varied pH; and experiment 3, a combination of varied temperature and varied. For example, in the above active example, the victor and loser of the match are made perfectly clear by the active structure: Spain, the subject of the sentence, beat Brazil, the object of the sentence, in a match. Some of the rules we learn in school, though, arent exactly accurate. You cant end a sentence with a preposition.

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For example, the sentence I do nt have nothing for you is ungrammatical because the presence of two negatives technically switches the meaning to an affirmative one, so that it means I have something for you. The better option here is to simply use whose instead. The answer lies in the fact that hopefully and thankfully cant be reworded along the lines of other sentence adverbs, using the constructions it is hopeful that or it is thankful that: Hopefully, planning delays will be minimal. This grammatical superstition arises from the thought that because these words are used to connect separate clauses, they suggest the presence of a fragment when used at the beginning of a sentence. Meaning: I strongly felt I should help him The straight affirmative version of that sentence I could help him lacks the reinforced nature of the double negative version. So despite the fact that all sentence adverbs were once frowned on, nowadays you should be able to use happily, along with most other sentence adverbs (such as sadly, strangely, or obviously ). You cant start a sentence with hopefully You absolutely can. So why are thankfully and hopefully singled out for particular opprobrium? ( what music are you interested in? However, there is one use of double negatives that is entirely grammatical. An additional option is as follows: Enzymatic activity was not affected by changes in temperature and/or. Consider the following two examples: Enzymatic activity was not affected by changes in temperature and.

can you use and/or in an essay

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