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Essay on animal husbandry in hindi

essay on animal husbandry in hindi

of our cropland. There are few units in our country manufacturing processed meat products, most of which are confined to larger cities. For about five to six fold increase in meat consumption the quantity of grains required to attain self-sufficiency per capita per year doubles. To about 55 million hectares in the year 1990.D. Of meat every week. The surplus grain is fed to livestock population which is reared in carefully controlled conditions to maximise production. Animal husbandry output constitutes about 30 per cent of the countrys agricultural output. They are therefore in great demand, internationally. Milk production was 17 million tonnes in 1950. An important step towards improving the Indian dairy was taken in the year 1965.D.

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For a poor country where people use few animal products self-sufficiency in food grain production can be achieved by much less production than countries where people consume predominantly non-vegetarian diets. These may be summarized as follows:. A large part of guns on campus essay thesis animal population which provides milk, eggs, milk products, cloths, organic manure, transport and an efficient means of disposal of organic wastes is slaughtered to be consumed by the mankind. Total milk production in India (Annual). Domestic animals provided an excellent means of transport manures and performed such other jobs as irrigation, tilling, ploughing etc.