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Average words per sentence in an essay

average words per sentence in an essay

conclusion about technology in education essay spelling. Harry Potter author, jK Rowling, who can be considered representative of a modern English writer with a general audience, is 12 words, and the first half of this sentence contains 26 words. As you read your writing, keep an eye out for any sentence that fills three or more lines of text or any sentence that just makes you tired. Your writing should have a mix of short, medium, and long sentences. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. Fixing Long Sentences, following the reverse of the above tip, remove excessive coordinating conjunctions and instead use a full stop to start a fresh sentence. Subordinating conjunctions (after, since, whereas, because, etc.) are also used to connect sentences as well as ideas effectively. Focus on Your Message. Mixing these two sentence types keeps your audience engaged throughout the paragraph.

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Writers are often advised to make sure that each sentence conveys only one idea; however, it can be difficult to decide what delimits one idea, especially when reporting results. I once asked a group of lawyers at a CLE seminar that question. A sentence is too long if, upon reaching the end, your reader cannot remember how the sentence began. Avoid starting a sentence with qualifiers such as although, because, or since. If you dislike running a grammar-check every time you run a spell-check, go into the grammar settings and uncheck as many boxes as you like. They dont have time to deconstruct sentences and contemplate clauses, they just want you to get to the point. . For readable writing that doesnt tax your readers, vary your sentence length, seek an average in the low 20s, and cut any sentence of 45 words or more. So whats a more realistic goal? But for most of us doing legal writing, long sentences are hard to read and hard to follow.

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