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Essay on forest wealth of india

essay on forest wealth of india

summer drought. One sixth of the wood harvest is converted into pulp and used in paper industry. Here is a closer look at each of these layers: Forest Floor, this layer comprises of decomposing leaves, dead plants, twigs and trees and animal droppings. Forests are an essential part of the Earths ecological system. The people in ancient times lived in harmony with their ecosystem, which was formed by the forests.

For this purpose production of forests should be increasingly privatized and involvement of people must be from the initial stages of plantation. Climate Control, trees and soils regulate the atmospheric temperatures through the process of evapotranspiration. The solution to problems of Indian forests are a lot more complicated than simply passing new laws or restricting losing companies, or echo-labeling or any other panaceas that are often on offer. Fallen branches, needles, and dead animals do not decay as fast as in warmer regions. Also, only those trees that have adapted to cold weather and poor soil can survive. Forests are thus important for the survival of the mankind.

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