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Communication: its blocking and its facilitation thesis

communication: its blocking and its facilitation thesis

There are fewer strict cookie cutter degree plans to follow in colleges and students are allowed to state their wishes, hopes and desires and counselors help them map out their own specific plans for education. Compromise was the goal. Hughes and Rollins posit that "One of the greatest challenges for a writer of arguments or the rhetor of oral argument is to keep the audience from becoming so defensive and annoyed that it will not listen to anything the writer has to say" (1). Thus "This reduction of threat will in turn induce an assumption of similarity: The reader will see the writer as a human being more or less like herself and therefore be more likely to listen to what the writer has to say" (Ethical Growth 299). Lassner thought that an attempt to present a persona that is empathetic and trustworthy might present an ambivalent selfa persona that is uncomfortable when presenting her own position (qtd. Writer draws on the conventional structures and techniques. Martin Luther King answered eight white Alabama essay on consideration and promissory estoppel clergymens open letter urging him to avoid non-violent resistance to segregation that they believed would lead to civil disturbances.

communication: its blocking and its facilitation thesis

Communication: Its Blocking and Its Facilita tion.
On Becoming a Person.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1961.

If one can do that, laying risk aside, things turn out quite differently than when a person is too afraid to lay aside his or her own interests even if only temporarily to consider the other viewpoint. Perhaps, I thought, common sense is not so uncommon. If a rhetor goes into the argument simply to win and does not truly mean the concessions he makes to the other sides viewpoint, then, yes, it is unethical and manipulative. Rogerian argument gives argumentation another way to approach the daily speech, writing and interpersonal relations that essay in marathi language on whatsapp we all experience, and a way to seek common ground even with our opponents. Brent tells us that the cynicism "is simply the price we pay for living in an imperfect world in which we can never be sure of each others intentions" (Alternative 9). Lassner hoped that arguing both sides would "test their own assumptions and claims and humanize their opponents" (407). Rogerian rhetoric, doug Brent, faculty of General Studies, university of Calgary. When this happens, communication simply stops.

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communication: its blocking and its facilitation thesis

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