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Essay on heart disease and stroke

essay on heart disease and stroke

(CDC about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack each year. Sign up for free updates delivered to your inbox. What is coronary heart disease? Explore the model using your mouse pad or touchscreen to understand more about CHD.

Antioxidant-rich foods Antioxidant-rich foods protect against heart disease in a number of important ways. Paleo Template approach Ive written about here is an excellent starting place. . It includes all of the necessary micronutrients in their most bioavailable form, emphasizes an optimal balance of fats, eliminates highly processed and refined foods, and reduces other food toxins that interfere with nutrient absorption. Do not drink more than 14 units per week. You can still eat fat as it naturally occurs in food, but try not adding as much additional fat to meals, and using more monounsaturated fat than saturated fat. The graft may come from the leg or an inner chest-wall artery.

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Like what youve read? In this article, Im going to essay on effects of overpopulation in india focus on insulin/leptin resistance and genetics, since those are the two most common causes of elevated LDL-P that I see in my practice. Smoking just one cigarette each day can increase the risk of heart disease, according to a new study in the BMJ. The term ' congenital heart disease ' covers a range of conditions, but the general symptoms include: sweating high levels of fatigue fast heartbeat and breathing breathlessness chest pain a blue tint to the skin clubbed fingernails In severe cases, symptoms can occur from birth. Dilated cardiomyopathy, the heart chambers become dilated as a result of heart muscle weakness and cannot pump blood properly. It attaches to red blood cells and passes through the heart. CHD commonly causes angina pectoris (chest pain shortness of breath, myocardial infarction, or heart attack. Causes Heart disease is caused by damage to all or part of the heart, damage to the coronary arteries, or a poor supply of nutrients and oxygen to the organ. Dans Plan has some fantastic recommendations for physical activity, as well as a great software and hardware-based tracking system.

Coronary heart disease refers to a narrowing of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply oxygen and blood to the heart. It is also known as coronary artery disease. This is the final article in the Diet. Heart, myth series Ive been writing over the past several weeks. If you missed the previous articles, you can find them on the special report page for heart disease.