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Scarlet letter research paper

scarlet letter research paper

were great music or literature to me at that period dissertation reprints ann arbor of time. He also realizes that no matter where he goes in the whole world, Chillingworth, his tormentor, will be able to follow him, so the only place he can go is into the afterlife. In The Scarlet Letter, the Puritan society shuns a character named Pearl, yet the author, who lived in the Romantic period, views her with awe and reverence. Hester points out that if Pearl had a sorrow of her own, the brook might tell her of it even as it is telling Hester of hers(171). At the same, time, he shows his disapproval because he, like most Puritans, distrusts nature. The people that agree with shaming biblically would think the idea would be cheaper. Scarlet Letter Paper, what is one man? Everything that they can not explain is evil to them. S unusual, whimsical character. Nature has taught her to be sensitive and curious. However, the difficulty of the text and the distant approach lead me to believe that this is not the literature to be in my poem right now; it just doesnt fit.

S creativity and unexpectedness also reveal Pearl? Not a purpose like making a shopping list, but rather to bring forth emotion from your reader, whether its humorous, sad, depressing, angry, romantic.

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scarlet letter research paper

A woman trapped in a love triangle with a clergyman, a (supposedly dead) husband, and her daughter seems the proper setting for a story that would if not intrigue me, at least interest. Pearl calls the brook foolish and tiresome(171) and asks it why it is so sad. If a person just serves time then you dont live the rest of your fife in a horrible feeling, or treated badly. If taken to extreme measures, one might severely regret the choice of punishment made. When Pearl thinks that she actually hit a bird, however, she feels remorse for having done harm to a little being that was as wild as? If a person has a shaming punishment, not only could It hurt their reputation, but their fairness reputation. Pearl is the opposite. As I previously said, Hawthorne deserves credit for his vocabulary, but it makes it difficult for me to get into a story where I have to dissect every fifth sentence and look up every tenth word to get meaning out. This rang true to me for, as I was plodding through the text, I saw a well crafted story with impressive symbols and techniques, but I was never drawn into the story and often found myself putting it down and struggling back to it later. (206) Again, a beautiful sustained metaphor. The side that agrees would think shaming biblically would embarrass a person so much that they would learn their lesson.

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scarlet letter research paper

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