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Essays on of mice and men-friendship

essays on of mice and men-friendship

the reason isnt because he will not. Author: Josh Garten, tags: Essay, Friendship. You dont often find two students who are such great friends that they know each other until they die. Lennie has trouble thinking sometimes, and it is shown throughout the book that he is not a fighter, but when he gets scared, his only defense is to hold on for act essay prompt educators dear life. (12) Lennie spoke this line in response to Georges comment to him. Lenny, on the other hand, looks up to George unwaveringly and never questions his friendship. George promised chickens, rabbits, and everything else that Lennie would ever want. Lennie is always the one who needs help, but Im sure of it that Lennie would help George in any circumstance.

Even though Lennie can drag George down, they are still great friends who would be lost without one another. We will write a custom essay sample. Good friends always stick by each other. You guys travel around together? Lennies hands remained at his ides; he was too frightened to defend himself Curleys fist was swinging when Lennie reached for. George and Lennie had such a great friendship that they both wanted to live and know each other forever. As the two men are trying to escape from a mishap that Lennie is in fault for, George like always tries to back him. If I were George I would do the exact same thing.

While George merely replies, "Yeah, its that way". The reason for this is because George never gets into any type of paper about jackie robinson trouble. You gonna get me in trouble jus like George says you will. This may be true, but George is not doing this because he wants to feel powerful and bossy. In the novel, "Of Mice and Men many examples of Loneliness and friendship are present. They may be the best friend each other has, but George also looks after Lenny, which makes things complicated. George proves to help Lennie out because Lennie is not too good with his words. George has taken care of Lennie his entire life and is sometimes dragged down by him, but Lennie thrives under Georges care. Its too bad that it took Lennie that long to realize how good of a guy that George was and how much that he meant to George. George has to guide and teach Lennie right from wrong and almost always have his eyes On him, or know where he is, to make sure he is not getting himself into trouble. Typically, when we think of two people who are friends, it's very clear how those friends should treat each other.

Lennie realized how much George had done for him and was soon relieved that George didnt hate him. The future generation is filled with a large percentage of shallow people who dont focus enough on the person. The pair travel together everywhere, and stick up for each other no matter what.