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emu thesis manual

the committee also appoints a thesis advisor from the academic discipline to which the thesis relates. If the formant track is called formants and it is assigned to be laid over the spectrogram (see Listing? Is is worth noting that most of the keyboard shortcuts are centered around the wasd keys, which are the navigation shortcut keys (W to zoom in; S to zoom out; A to move left and D to move right). She or he can, for example, grab a preselected boundary or event by holding down the shift key and moving music term papers it to the desired position, or delete the current boundary or event by hitting the backspace key. The hierarchical annotation can be displayed and edited by clicking the show hierarchy button in the top menu bar (see Figure.6 for an example of how the hierarchy is displayed). To add a boundary to the currently selected level one first has to select a point in time either in the spectrogram or the oscillogram by single-left-clicking on the desired location. The functions implemented in the EMU-webApp are based on various Matlab scripts by Phil Hoole. Who should consider an MAR?

Advising and the thesis process Students must follow a careful process of academic advising and program approval in this program. Area 2 in Figure.7 marks the hierarchy path drop-down menu of the hierarchy modal. Compared to the usual click and drag of segment boundaries and event markers, the web application continuously tracks the movement of the mouse in levels containing time information, highlighting the boundary or event marker that is closest to it by coloring it blue. After completing 30 credit hours, the successful student prepares a thesis proposal which gains the approval of the seminarys Academic Committee. The format is a set of eight bytes per point in time, where each byte represents a row of electrodes on the artificial palate. To our knowledge, the EMU-webApp is the first client-side web-based annotation tool that is this feature rich. Area 4 of Figure.1 displays the area in which levels containing time information are displayed. Figure.9: Screenshot of the hierarchy modal window of the EMU-webApp displaying an annotation items context menu. CTH 501 Christian Tradition I (3 cTH 511 Christian Tradition II (3 bVOT 511 Old Testament: Text in Context (3). A screenshot of the context menu is displayed in Figure.8. Some have also used the MAR thesis to explore a discipline creatively through art.

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