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Essays on floods in india

essays on floods in india

11 and. Chennai Floods are Made in Chennai Only: The recent images of the flooding in Chennai on social media were scary and show us how badly our cities are messed. The Srinagar valley suffers from an unfortunate geographical disadvantage of being the recipient of water from an enormous watershed above the valley. 1,700 crore projected loss is only from the manufacturing side and if services are included, the damages could be much higher. Sometimes, a flood is caused by the melting of snows on the mountains which increases the volume of water in the rivers. Two big roads passing through it stopped the flow and drainage of water.

essays on floods in india

Rain-water falls on big mountains as well as upon plains.
As the river bed is lower in level, all the rain-water flows to low lands and rivers.
India, being a peninsular country and surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, is quite prone to flood.

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Colleges, schools and markets were closed. Some 10,000 units have suffered losses and about 50,000 people have lost their jobs due to the floods, said a tanstia official. This has been increasing with depletion of forest. The Indian Army and Air Force had also deployed personnel and helicopters and have been conducting rescue and relief operations. (iv meanders and diversions in rivers cause obstruction in flow of water. United States of America made meanders of Mississippi river straight near Greenville during 19, thereby reducing the meandered route of 530 km to 185.

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essays on floods in india