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Our village essay in urdu

our village essay in urdu

providing cool shed. Being an Island village, there is a well-established market center where the residents buy and sell goods. Despite having mixed religion, the presence of prominent temples and a mosque implies the two primary religion in the village. The village has various income through its people. The great thing is that this program has high transparency in our village. Our village is very much practical in sense of social and human relationship for which village is known to essays over 9-11 us for loving. It is situated in the district of Sant Kabir Nagar Utter Pradesh. A small river has increased the beauty of our village. Many of this village people are engineer and doctor. Warning : mysqli_close expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given in /home/webpro/public_html/a1/p on line.

our village essay in urdu

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Approximately, only a thousand people get their refuge from this region. Both the Hindus and the Muslims live together in peace here. It bears the testimony to rich heritage of the glorious past. So the income is from agriculture as well as from service men and businessmen also. Out of them two schools are of Hindi medium one is of English medium and Madarsa have Urdu and Hindi both medium up to 8Th standard. The majority of the adult drive high-end cars and hold high office position.

As it is a very small village, the government has taken no step to construct.
For this reason, many vegetable merchants come to our village for collecting fresh vegetables in large quantity.
However, our villagers are united and.
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