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Importance of election in democracy essay in hindi

importance of election in democracy essay in hindi

across 28 states and 7 union territories, India has a system of elections that is both daunting and praiseworthy. From the past military rule to the democratic present which is reminiscent of the America-like model of government and election, Nigeria has proven itself to be a democratic country. We are better off in a democratic setting. So the elected governments, instead of conforming to the democratic norms and values, are often found to become authoritarian and autocratic, developing a sort of cynical disregard for peoples aspirations. By voting for other parties and helping elect a different government, citizens demonstrate that they possess ultimate authority. We are better off disagreeing to agree, having the opportunity to air our views and affording every Nigerian the opportunity to contribute his or her" to the development of the nation.

importance of election in democracy essay in hindi

Such governments, as in the ancient city states of Greece, can be formed with the people directly participating in them.
Free and fair elections and functioning electoral systems are the quintessence of democracy.
A majority of electoral votes (currently 270 of 538) is required to win.
Xix In the recent American elections in 2008, Democratic candidate Barack Obama won the election with 53 of the popular.
For electing the representatives, elections are necessary.

importance of election in democracy essay in hindi

Elections are fought generally on party basis, though some candidates fight elections as independent candidates.
Therefore, elections are considered essential for any representative democracy in our times.
The importance of elections for democracy.
No matter what type of elections are being done in a country, they represent a direct expression of citizens participation in democratic process.
People participate in elections and choose their representatives in the government.

Advertisements, posted in, politics. But before independence the franchise was quit limited and very few were having rights to participate and vote. . A free and fair election guarantee the trust of the citizens in the elected government. For electing the representatives, elections are necessary. In India the elections are not new and they started taking place before the independence from British rule itself. It is not only because too many cooks are sure to spoil the broth, but it is simply not possible for any government to function with all these people clamoring to be head. Self-corrective system: Because elections are a regular exercise, occurring every five years in India, the ruling parties are kept in check and made to consider the demands of the public. In addition, the Federal Capital Territory is represented only by one senator.